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Truck & Rail Scales in Tampa, FL

Controls & Weighing Systems of Tampa, Florida, has been providing truck and rail scales throughout Florida since 1974. Due to our success and growth, we've expanded our services to Georgia and Alabama. We stand out from the rest because we are a certified building contractor who provides complete turnkey truck and railroad scale installations and site development in-house.

Truck Scales

Before a truck goes on the road in Florida, Georgia or Alabama, they have to be weighed. Controls & Weighing Systems, Inc. can perform the installation of truck and railroad scales right at your location! Our installations feature B-TEK® centurion digital load cell technology.
Customers enjoy turnkey installations, with no sub-contractors. We pour our own concrete and install the equipment ourselves. Your new truck scales are installed by an experienced construction crew from Controls Weighing Systems. We will even handle permits and paperwork for the state.
  • We feature B-TEK Centurion Digital load cell technology and a five-year warranty in our truck scales. www.b-tek.com
  • We are a Certified Buildng Contractor so we can do turnkey truck scale and railroad scale installations in house.
  • We have portable axle truck scales available for rent as well as 72′ “legal for trade” rentals

Rail Scales

We offer equipment to weigh rail cars static or in motion. We can weigh the rail cars, scan the car numbers and create a universally accessible database. We have the necessary testing equipment to recalibrate a rail scale and place it back in service after a repair.
  • Weigh Cars moving or standing still. Load cars while on the scale
  • We do turnkey installations
  • We can place you “Back In Service” the same day with our Rail Scale Test Rig